This medium sized Pharmaceutical Company purchased another medium sized Pharmaceutical Company  and now had the task of porting over the systems and applications from the newly purchased company.

The Client Needed…

  • To bring the new applications from the acquired company to their data center
  • Implement the new applications in the new location
  • Validate the applications that were ported over
  • Merge the databases of the new systems with the already existing systems
  • Ensure the data was migrated correctly and validate the integrity of the data
  • Create new SOPs for the newly acquired systems
  • Release the systems for production use within the agreed upon timelines of the newly acquired company to avoid paying penalties
  • Accomplish this within the allotted budget

JDS created a team of eleven individuals including a Validation Lead, several Validation Specialists, Technical Writers and System Testers. By creating new standard validation documentation templates we were able to reuse documentation for several systems without having to create new documentation each time, thus saving time, resources and money. By using Testers that were familiar with the applications we were able to speed-up the testing process and these experts also created the training documents and Standard Operating Procedures for the new systems.

Our Report Card for deliverables:

  • The Company is now able to take advantage of new integrated technology and conduct business as usual in a short timeline
  • The Company has satisfied the regulatory requirements to validate the newly acquired applications
  • The expense of porting over the systems was accomplished under budget and 1 month earlier then the allotted timeline